Its Mercury Retrograde… That explains EVERYTHING

Well, again I forgot about Mercury Retrograde. February 6-28th is the dates for this one. Had I realized that, I could have saved myself a whole lot of problems over the last two days!

What is Mercury Retrograde? you ask, well let me tell you.

The astronomical definition of Mercury Retrograde is the name given to the time when Earth’s orbit and Mercury’s orbit cause the planets to pass each other. There for giving Mercury a supposed retrograde, or backwards motion. This is the reason early astronomers believed that the planets actually moved backwards for certain periods of time.

What does this mean for us as human beings?

Well for many people, who either don’t know about MR, or who don’t believe in it, it means NOTHING. LOL.

For those who do believe it though, MR is a time to FINISH things. Some of the pushed ideas for MR are that during this time, you should NOT start anything new. No new projects, jobs, etc. BUT, you should finish the things you already have started. If you’ve been working on writing a MS for the last 5 months, now would be the perfect time to finish it. If you’ve slowly been remodelling your bathroom, NOW would be the perfect time to get it done. Stuff like that.

MR is also a big time for poor communication. Cell phones drop a lot during this time, but more importantly interactions between people get a little muddled. You may say something, and the other person get offended easily, or you never seen to fully understand what other people are trying to tell you. This is all common for MR.

So, take this all in, do what you will with it. As for me, I will be using this time to get ahead on school work and finish editing my MS. :)

Best of luck to all!



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